Number 9 for tracing and coloring

The last number for kids in this series of worksheets is the number 9, prepared as an outline template to be traced and colored.

Like the previous ones, this is a large template of the number 9, the outlines of which I have drawn with a dashed line. The children’s exercise is to draw these outlines with crayons, markers, or even their fingers 馃槈 After drawing the lines, the second part of the task is to color the number 9. Here, too, you can offer the children a variety of art materials. If you like to paint, use brushes and paints, if you prefer scrapbooks, you can choose colored paper or tissue paper.

By having children create their own unique work of art, remembering the symbol of the number 9 may not only be easier, but also more enjoyable.

I prepared this task with younger children in mind. I mean children of preschool and early school age who are entering the world of mathematics.

The PDF file provided here is a printable worksheet for children, intended for learning numbers and for personal use.

Learning numbers by tracing outlines

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