Abstract mandala – Coloring page for kids and adults

In today’s entry you will find a mandala. A bit more complicated than the ones you’ve been able to print here so far, but still quite simple. Abstract, although in its abstraction it somewhat resembles a fantastic flower.

Mandalas give me the opportunity to creatively experiment with different patterns, shapes and colors. Each mandala is unique and reflects my current feelings and inspirations. Although, bearing in mind that you may print them in the future, I try not to make them too scribbled.

You can use such not very complicated patterns when playing with your children. As entertainment for both children and adults. You can color mandalas together, creating beautiful works of art, spending time together in a joyful atmosphere.

And what are your favorite forms of creativity?

You can choose from two colors of the coloring page outline. Traditional – black, and gray, which can be used as a line pattern.

Have fun!

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