Learning to write numbers is one of several preliminary stages that prepare you to play in the world of mathematics. First we learn the meaning of numbers, then we learn to recognize numbers, we learn to write them, and in the meantime we also learn to use them: add, subtract, multiply and divide. After that, it's time for the rest.

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Learning to write numbers

Why is it so important to write numbers legibly

The worksheets we created for learning to write numbers can help kids master the skills of legible writing. Knowing our children's problems when doing math tasks, especially on tests, is a very important skill when learning at school. One wrongly written and read digit is enough to make the result of the whole task wrong. Even with the right way of thinking and logical execution of actions, the final effect can be simply bad. It's a shame about those cut points for such a trivial reason.

The same goes for writing numbers outside of school. An incorrectly entered account number means a transfer made to the wrong person. Incorrectly stored phone number prevents contact. Perhaps less often today we record such data by hand, but it still happens.

However, the calculation of the household budget or expenses for a specific purpose is often done manually on a piece of paper. This is why legible handwriting is so important.

Learning to write numbers worksheets

Both for my children and, consequently, for you and your kids, I have prepared various types of printable math sheets with numbers. These are simple sheets showing numbers and their meanings, as well as worksheets for tracing numbers, and practicing the already learned numbers on your own.

Depending on the kids' motor skills, you can choose between sets using handwriting and simplified writing. There are exercises in writing numbers in a large ruling, regular, as well as huge shapes of numbers to follow with your finger. Here you will find worksheets for preschoolers, kindergarteners, as well as math tasks for grades 1 or 2.

Before you start writing

However, it is worth remembering that learning to write numbers should be introduced only when the child has properly developed fine motor skills and the grip of a pen or crayons, as well as hand-eye coordination. If a child still has problems with these elements, he may become discouraged from learning to write. Sometimes it's better to go back to the basics, take a step back to get better results. For exercises, you can use art games or tracing pictures to return to learning to write numbers after some time.

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