Mathematics has always been something interesting for me. Stimulating the imagination and intriguing. Maybe that's why I liked creating math teaching aids for kids, especially math crosswords and mystery pictures.

Here you will find various series of worksheets for preschoolers and primary school students.

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Teaching aids - numbers for children

Math operations with numbers

Teaching aids - geometric shapes for kids

Math exercises for preschoolers

Among the math exercises for preschoolers, you will find worksheets for learning how to write numbers, simple addition and subtraction tasks up to 10, or ordering numbers in ascending or descending order.

Within the geometry teaching aids, you will find materials with which children can learn about geometric shapes. You can use geometric coloring pages and mandalas to consolidate this knowledge.

You will also find exercises in organizing elements according to their size, or exercises developing the ability to think logically.

Math exercises for primary school students

I have also prepared a large dose of mathematical tasks for primary school students, especially at the stage of early school education.

Among the worksheets created for children, you will find materials for practicing orientation and distinguishing between pages, such as templates for drawing mirror images or graphic dictations.

Logical thinking exercises include sudoku and magic squares. You will also find some math tasks with content here.

The activities on numbers have been divided into different categories:

  • addition and subtraction,
  • multiplication and division,
  • fractions,
  • decimal fractions.

I've broken down these general categories into smaller ranges, e.g. addition and subtraction up to 10, multiplication and division up to 50, etc.

You will find here both standard exercises and non-standard suggestions, such as mathematical graphs and crosswords, magic squares or pyramids. Numerical operations as well as fractions are presented in the form of both numbers and graphical diagrams, making it easier for children to understand certain relationships that govern the world of mathematics.

I hope that among the prepared mathematics teaching materials you will find those that your children and you will like.

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