Number 8 for tracing and coloring

In this exercise, the main element is the number 8 drawn in outline. The children’s task is to trace its outline and color it.

This is another exercise related to tracing numbers in such a large and simple form. The large template of the number 8 filling the sheet of paper and the lack of additional patterns were deliberately combined here to give kids the opportunity to precisely isolate the contours of the number and memorize its shape. The lack of patterns allows for greater individuality in creating a colorful expression of the number 8. However, if you are looking for suggestions with patterns or coloring pages, you will also find them on our website.

The task itself consists primarily in tracing the number 8 as a printed number. After drawing the outlines, children can fill in the template they have prepared with color. You can use the same drawing, painting or gluing method for each number, or treat each of them individually, creating a colorful album.

This exercise was created to help younger kids learn numbers. Therefore, it is best used as part of classes with preschoolers, toddlers or elementary aged pupils like kindergarteners.

The worksheet for kids that I am posting here is a self-printable file intended for personal use.

Learning numbers by tracing outlines

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