Mystery picture, pixel art – winter hat – decode the picture

We will probably have to wait a long time for snow. However, the temperature drops day by day, and in the morning the thermometer dances around zero. That’s why hats come in handy. Especially for younger children who cool down faster. You can also find a hat here. A warm winter hat with a pompom in the form of a mystery picture.

Our winter picture has been described with structured code, which means our level is 2. However, the code only describes half of the picture. To decode the entire mystery picture, children must reflect the read pixels from the vertical axis of symmetry. I hope that the patterns on the hat and pompom will not make this task too difficult.

It’s best to use ordinary crayons for fun. In the case of markers or paints, any mistake will be difficult to correct. Although an incorrectly marked grid can be covered with a white square. Crayons, however, can be erased with an eraser. At least it usually works.

Winter mystery picture – pixel art

Graphic dictation can be used in various ways:

  • coloring the picture according to the given code – children read the code on their own,
  • coloring the picture according to the given code by ear – someone is reading the code to the child,
  • pasting the image according to the given pattern,
  • redrawing the image from the original solution,
  • writing the code based on the printed pattern.

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