Where did the idea for SmartKidWorld.com come from? A desire to satisfy a mother’s vanity? At least that’s how I explain it to myself sometimes. Starting the blog coincided with our children going to kindergarten. A time when children’s creativity reaches surprising levels. You only should make the most of your family life.

This creativity spilled out in a wide stream on many pages, leaves, strings, and sometimes even walls or plates. It is thanks to this creativity that new art projects were created: papier mache, dough recipes, coloring pages and tracing lines for kids.

The first worksheets for children that I prepared were the result of the specific educational needs of our children. Many parents know well the difficulties faced by children with dyslexia, auditory processing disorders or ADHD. The standard learning system and traditional educational materials do not always suit them.

Why are our worksheets available for free?

Educational problems affect children from all walks of life. Not every parent and not every teacher can afford to subscribe to access interesting educational materials. That is why we share our ideas with you for free. Allowing the site to survive on the ads posted on it.