Minerals, geological equipment and crystals – coloring page for adults and teenagers in doodle style

Apart from the temporary cooling, it is getting warmer and nicer every day. Just in time to start another season of geological expeditions. Although I also know people who don’t mind the cold.

However, I will wait a bit for the weather to warm up. I’ll content myself with drawing minerals for the time being.

Do you like the idea of coloring crystals and equipment useful when searching for them? Such a simple, quite nice pattern. You’d want to grab that pickaxe and… wouldn’t you?

I know, I know. I’m exaggerating. But some people love searching. Sweat up a little surrounded by nature. Find something beautiful. Or create, if we ignore the element of stones.

Overall, mineral coloring can be both a fun and educational activity that allows you to explore the fascinating world of geology and gemstones. By offering such a coloring activity to kids, you can also show them how much time, strength, willingness, perseverance, and of course geological equipment is needed to find and show the world such beautiful works of art of Mother Nature.

Mindful doodle coloring pages for adults and teenagers

I am posting two versions of this coloring page here. One with a pattern, the other without. Some minerals have interesting patterns and textures that can be faithfully reproduced when coloring. It is on this second version that you can experiment with different coloring techniques to create effects close to the real appearance of the minerals.

Coloring minerals can be inspiring for mineral collectors. You can find new ideas for your collection by observing the variety of colors and patterns of minerals as you color.

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