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Quite a large group of children, as well as many adults, like to play with colors. Not everyone has the talent to create beautiful drawings from scratch, which is why we often use coloring books. Younger children love simple coloring pages, often with animal or vehicle motifs. Older children and teenagers are looking for slightly more complicated drawings, thanks to which the fun will be a little bit longer. ... read more

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Coloring pages for adults, often full of details and abstract, are a separate category.

Christmas balls outs of grains, food collage, seeds art mosaic idea
Christmas balls outs of grains, food collage, seeds art mosaic idea

Coloring can be very relaxing. It can calm down and reduce the stress associated with today's pace of life. It has a positive effect on adults, but the same effects are also felt by children. Moreover, it is precisely in the case of children that the benefits of coloring are much wider.

Coloring pages support children's development. Especially from the graphomotor side. They facilitate manual activities, i.e. holding the crayon properly or sticking to the designated area to be colored. Consequently, they develop hand-eye coordination. It is an excellent introduction to exercises related to learning to write, i.e. even to small lines. At the same time, the ability to concentrate on the task at hand is also built up. After all, coloring pages look best when you are not over the lines and the colors of the individual fields are reasonably clean. Even when shaded. The situation is different in the case of paintings, but in them we rarely see pure contours.

Scrap paper collage art for kids - turtle coloring page with confetti
Scrap paper collage art for kids – turtle coloring page with confetti

Coloring pictures also stimulates children's creativity. With so many colors at their disposal, they have to make their own choice. Each time they present us with their vision of reality. Your own world. Every child's imagination is different. That is why the same coloring pages, after putting a children's fantasy on the paper, can be very different from each other. One time we will see a picture in the colors of the rainbow, another time with an emphasis on green, and another time - in shades of brown and gray. And each can be beautiful! Each cause pride in their own work. Each picture can shape a child's self-esteem.

I found out for myself that coloring can be fun even to children who at first glance do not like to do it. Or at least that's what they say. And there is no need for material prizes, but only time devoted to the child for playing together, drawing or painting together. Possibly a praise from the art teacher 😉 This one is also mobilizing!

Coloring pages in a different form

Coloring books for kids can be used in various ways. As adults, we usually fill it with crayons, markers or fineliners. However, as I wrote before, adult coloring pages are usually very detailed. Children can afford a little more madness. Paints work great here. In our home, acrylic paints are most often chosen, and recently also watercolor paints. In such a picture, you can later draw finer details with crayons or felt-tip pens. However, when the children were younger, they used posters.

Christmas ball coloring page covered with plasticine - art and crafts for kids
Christmas ball coloring page covered with plasticine

Another medium that can be used to fill out coloring pages is plasticine. Possibly a dough of different colors. This method is popular primarily at the preschool stage. It is then that many children develop the enormity of their manual skills. The fun itself can be done with your fingers, or the work can be diversified by adding various tools. These can be wooden spatulas, ice cream sticks, or even children's dinner knives.

Scrap paper collage art for kids - torn flowers, printable worksheets
Scrap paper collage art for kids

Another way to work with coloring pages is to treat it like a sketch for pasting, for scrapbooking, or like a collage. And you can stick to really everything: tissue paper, cotton wool, scraps of colored paper, confetti, seeds, scraps of fabrics, leaves, sticks and feathers. The choice of materials is huge. Once you show the children a few possibilities, I can assure you that they will find other interesting ways to fill in the coloring pages themselves.

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