Learning to write and read is an art that allows a child to get to know the world in a much fuller and more comprehensive way. For this reason, we, parents and carers of the youngest children, want them to have the opportunity to master these skills as early as possible. And in addition, without the school routine and discouragement that some of us had at the foundation of our education.

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NEW Pictures tracing worksheets

Pictures tracing worksheets by TOPIC

Learning through play is a great way to break away from patterns. Tracing pictures that can later be turned into colorful works of art is great for developing manual dexterity in younger children. ... read more

Picture tracing worksheets by TOPIC

I invite you to play with worksheets prepared for younger children. Thanks to them, graphomotor exercises can gain a new dimension.

Among the tracing worksheets for kids published here, you will find mainly simplified drawings intended for younger children. Graphic simplification, and sometimes even symbolism, make it easier for children to distinguish between individual contours. It should be remembered that an exercise that is too difficult may discourage a child from making further attempts at tracing lines.

Tracing pictures, as well as coloring them, we treat as exercises preceding the stage of tracing lines. The vast majority of the drawings I post here are great for such introductory exercises in calligraphy. However, we are not going to limit ourselves. More complicated motifs, or simply beloved by children, should also be used at the stage of tracing lines, or even at the stage of practicing writing the first letters.

Latest picture tracing worksheets for kids