Loops and swirls – tracing lines for kids

Today we draw in a completely unusual way. Not only is there no ruling, but it is also vertical. For variety, I offer vertical tracing lines for kids that don’t have to fit into the designated track.

You may wonder whether such an exercise will work as an activity to prepare for learning to write. In my opinion – yes. Just like pictures to trace. They also do not have a designated ruling, but they work quite well as exercises to strengthen hand-eye coordination at an earlier stage of preparation for learning to write.

The graphomotor exercise that I am publishing here can be used when teaching children at this stage. Once they have mastered the skill of guiding the pen by sight. However, nothing stops you from using these twisted patterns a little later. As a break from traditional exercises.

Tracing lines for preschoolers

Ideas for twisted tracing lines

You can offer children the traditional form of tracing lines or tracing them with their finger. But if you want to experiment, gluing patterns is a great way to practice. Just coat the path along the patterns with glue and decorate it with colored yarn or colored sand. This fun will be made easier by using glue with a spout or applying glue with a harder brush.

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