Loops and swirls – tracing lines for kids

Tracing loops continued. Today I prepared another worksheet containing tracing lines for kids with looped patterns. And all of them have no ruling. Just for a change.

Tracing curved shapes is a useful exercise in preparing for learning to write many letters. Both with loops at the bottom, e.g. 'j’ or 'g’, and with a top loop, such as 'f’. At the initial stage of learning, however, these do not have to be exercises in ruling. Developing the ability to follow your eyes with a marker can be done at many levels and using a variety of exercises. Coloring, tracing pictures, or more or less typical tracing lines for children.

Tracing lines for preschoolers

Tracing lines without rulings may be easier for some children when they are transitioning from coloring and drawing to traditional tracing patterns. There is no pressure to ensure that all the loops and waves fit perfectly into the designated path, but children still practice the ability to write letter-like shapes.

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