Comparing fractions – graphic diagrams [1]

We are getting ready to work with comparing fractions. The easiest way to do this is to use different kinds of graphic diagrams. Thanks to visualization, it is easier for kids to understand the division of the whole into parts.

In today’s task, we will compare simple fractions with the same denominator or the same numerator. This is the basic version of comparing fractions.

In the case of the same denominator (the number below the fraction’s slash), the fraction with the greater numerator will be greater. 23 of the cake is bigger than 13.

It is slightly different with the same numerator (the number above the fraction’s slash). In this case, the fraction with the lower denominator is larger. 13 of the cake, when dividing it into only 3 parts, is bigger than 15, when the cake has to be divided into 5 equal parts.

Comparing fractions

Comparing fractions on graphic diagrams, printable worksheets for kids
Graphic comparing fractions

In the pdf file you will find a solution to the worksheet that you can print out to your child or display on the screen or board.

Among the tasks related to comparing fractions, I will also publish other tasks related to reading fractions from graphical diagrams, and comparing fractions with various numerators and denominators.

We invite you to color and compare fractions.

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