Sweet cupcake with cream – coloring page for kids

Here’s another treat that we turned into an appetizing coloring page for kids. A sweet cupcake, covered with twisted cream and decorated with an unusual cherry.

It may not be a work of art, but it was created straight from the heart. Why? Because we like to bake something sweet with our children from time to time to satisfy our little hunger. Just like last time when my daughter decided it was time to bake. I decided to immortalize this moment on paper. It was such a sweet moment (literally!) spent at the kitchen counter, with flour on our noses and laughter in the air.

For me, this cupcake coloring page is a reflection of our moments together. In this form I can share them with you. Because sometimes it is these small, ordinary moments that are the most precious.

Coloring pages with baked goods – sweet cupcake with cream

Do you also like such sweet cupcakes? With cream or icing? Or perhaps savory?

Or maybe you love baking cakes and sweets with your children and talking at the same time? Or do you like experimenting with new recipes more? I’m waiting for your stories!

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