Abstract coloring page for adults and teenagers with fragments of mandala in doodle style

I like drawing. I like painting and I like doodling. That’s why I create such graphics from time to time. This time, however, I decided to turn my drawing into a coloring page template. Perhaps for older children, or perhaps coloring page for adults. Something like a stress reliever that allows you to break away from reality, even for a short while.

A simple drawing that we can color without paying attention to chiaroscuro or perspective. Downright mechanical. Does it look good? I hope you have as much fun coloring this graphic as I did drawing it. And coloring.

Maybe I exaggerated the simplicity a bit. It is a drawing that is simple in its concept, but full of small elements and details. Therefore, it will not suit everyone. Especially if you have slightly poorer eyesight.

The coloring page was originally created in A4 size. However, you can print it in a slightly smaller size to use in your projects.

Abstract mindful coloring pages for adults and teenagers

Mindful coloring page ideas

You can use mindfulness coloring sheets in many ways. You can simply print them, color them, relax and forget about them. But they can also become part of something bigger.

For example an art journal. I usually keep my works in a binder, but I have often considered starting an art journal. In such a book, you can draw from scratch or paste/sew in loose sheets of paper to document your moods or progress.

You can use colored abstract coloring pages as cover pages in journals or covers for your notes. Especially if they have some free space left where you can freely add your own texts.

You can gain this full freedom by printing the coloring page on any material. On a regular copy paper, watercolor paper, or even on canvas. It all depends on your idea and, of course, printing capabilities 馃槈

I invite you to color.

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