Jellyfish – tracing lines and coloring

As part of the holiday topics, I thought about animals that we often have the opportunity to meet in their natural environment during the holiday season. Therefore, the theme of this worksheet for kids has become a jellyfish. A picture for tracing lines and coloring.

This sea jellyfish is another element that you can use when practicing fine motor skills with children. I prepared it as an printable exercise, thanks to which the finished picture can become an interesting decoration of a children’s room.

The child’s task is to trace the lines with a finger or a felt-tip pen. Younger children can do the exercise by tracing the lines with their finger. Older children can tracing lines with markers, crayons, or even a brush. After drawing the contours, you can color the jellyfish to create a colorful illustration. Watercolors could look interesting here, giving the picture airiness.

Tracing lines and coloring page with a jellyfish

When choosing paints to play with, it is worth printing the jellyfish on thicker paper, dedicated to watercolors. It is much more pleasant to paint on them than on copy paper or a drawing block for children. Maybe I’ll try to play in this way myself, although my skills in using this painting technique are rather not very great.

We have watercolor pencils at home that we can use to draw outlines. The interior can be gently filled with watercolors.

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