Multiplication Facts to 100 – math crossword for kids [2]

I present to you the second in a series of mathematical crosswords for children about multiplication up to 100.
It is an engaging exercise prepared for all willing, although in our core curriculum activities of this type appear in grade 2 and grade 3.

In the crossword I’m posting here, I entered 43 math operations. There are both products and factors in the operations to be deciphered. In the basic version of the crossword puzzle, I put only enough numbers so that by solving it step by step, it was possible to perform all the operations.

To solve the crossword, children must start with the operations where I gave two items. There are several such places. Further solution of operations is possible only after calculating these first numbers.

In the easier version, I added 3 extra numbers. Their task is to shorten the snakes of mathematical operations a bit. On the other hand, they also make it easier to check that all previous steps in the multiplication crossword have been calculated correctly.

When it comes to the range of multiplications, you will find here, above all, all products of digits from 2 to 9, and a few operations with multiplication by 10 or 1. I have placed the operations themselves only in the configuration from left to right, and from top to bottom.

On this page you will find 4 pdf files that I prepared for self-printing. Two are for the normal version of the crossword puzzle for kids, and two more for the easier version. In the first file you will find only a math task to be printed or given to students during remote learning. The second version is a set: a mathematical crossword with answers.

Math crossword with answers in two versions
– Multiplication Facts to 100

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