Mixed math operations to 100 (4 operations) – mixed math crossword puzzles series 1 [1]

Below you will find a new math crossword for kids with mixed math operations up to 100.

This is the first crossword in the series. It really has a lot of operations to solve, as many as 64, but I still classify it as the easiest set. Here we have simple mathematical operations arranged from left to right and top to bottom. Among the operations children will find addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, all up to 100.

In this part of the worksheets for children, I do not use expanded mathematical operations, so there is no need to use the order of operations. More extensive suggestions can be found in other entries on this site.

You can use these types of math games when practicing the multiplication table and when learning how to solve problems with different input data. Sometimes we are given numbers that are elements of the basic operation, and sometimes only one of them and the result of the operation.

For this task, I decided to prepare as many as 4 PDF files for printing. After preparing a basic math crossword with 64 math operations, I realized that it could be quite a difficult exercises. That’s why I chose 6 additional numbers that are included in the easier version of the mixed math crossword puzzle. This gives you 58 math operations to solve in this version. Additionally, each of these two versions of the exercise was written as an independent exercise and as a mathematical crossword puzzles with answers. Decide which version will be more suitable for you and your children 馃槈

Mixed math crossword puzzles with answers – Mixed math operations to 100

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