Multiplication Facts to 100 – math maze for kids [4] with large font

Today’s exercise is a continuation of math mazes with multiplication up to 100. It includes the basic multiplication table from 1 to 10. And everything is drawn using a legible and large font.

This is the fourth edition of the multiplication maze in this series. As before, it requires solving 15 mathematical operations hidden along its path. Children begin their mathematical journey from the START point. Here they must calculate the result of the first multiplication. Then children look for the path that contains the correct answer of this multiplication. It leads to the next operation, and finally to one of the fields marked with the letters A, B, C or D. In total, there are 15 mathematical operations to solve. The last math operation has no correct answer given. The children themselves provide the correct answer of this operation.

We can use this type of mathematical maze at the initial stage of learning, when children are just learning the multiplication tables.

When choosing a math maze to print, you can use the children’s version, which only contains the exercise. However, if the child does not use the exercise directly, you can also use a multiplication maze with answers that you can show the children for comparison after completing the exercise.

Multiplication maze with answers – Multiplication Facts to 100

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