Multiplication Facts to 100 – math maze for kids [3] with large font

I present another mathematical maze in which the path is hidden by multiplication up to 100. Simple sets of mathematical operations from the basic multiplication table from 1 to 10.

When preparing the exercise, I decided to use large font in mathematical operations. I was thinking about children who, for various reasons, have problems reading smaller fonts.

To get through this multiplication maze, you need to solve 15 mathematical operations. Starting from the START point, children solve the first multiplication and then look for a path around it with the correct result of this operation. This path leads to another mathematical operation, which also needs to be solved to find the next path. The last math operation on the path has no given result. The children themselves have to provide the result of this operation.

Due to the fact that mathematical mazes are an easier way to practice the multiplication tables, it is worth using them at the initial stage of learning.

As before, you can use two versions of the pdf file. You can print the math multiplication maze with answers, or the math problem itself.

Multiplication maze with answers – Multiplication Facts to 100

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