Multiplication Facts to 100 – math maze for kids [2] with large font

We’re back to practicing multiplication to 100 through the twisty paths of the math maze. We use a large font.

Yesterday I uploaded the first multiplication maze up to 100 with a large font for children who need more readability on their worksheets, be it because of vision problems or even dyslexia. Today I’m publishing the second math maze in this series for kids who enjoyed the first exercise. This worksheet will also facilitate work in larger groups, thanks to the possibility of offering children several versions of the same task, with a similar level of difficulty.
You decide whether your children will benefit from this type of multiplication table practice. I find the mazes themselves to be an easier exercise than math crosswords, so it’s worth using them at an earlier stage of learning multiplication.

The path through the maze runs through 15 stations. 15 math operations to solve. All these activities are within the range of the multiplication table up to 100 – from 1 to 10. The children’s task is to go from the START point to one of the 4 letters (A, B, C, D), solving successively the multiplication problems. After solving the first activity, children look for its correct answer on the paths leading from the problem field. The path with the correct answer leads the children to the next problem, and they go even further. The last math operation has no given answer in the multiplication maze. Children write their answer on a piece of paper.

Below I put two pdf files for printing. In the first one you will find only one page with a exercise for children. In the second file, I put the problem first, and then its answers.

Multiplication maze with answers – Multiplication Facts to 100

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