Multiplication Facts to 100 – math maze for kids [1] with large font

There are many ways to learn multiplication. If they work, it’s worth using them more often. It’s the same with exercises and consolidating knowledge. Riddles, time counting, crosswords, rebuses, mazes, card games… Something good for everyone.

Here I decided to offer you another maze. But not so ordinary. A mathematical maze in which we will find the way by looking for the correct answers of multiplication up to 100.

The twisty path takes you through 15 math operations. Each of them is in the range of the multiplication table from 1 to 10. Starting from the START point, children solve a math operation. Then they follow the path indicated by the correct answer of the math operation to the next operation that needs to be solved. The last problem on the path is the one for which there will be no continuation – there is no correct answer entered in the maze. It can be indicated by the letter A, B, C or D. Here children should give the correct answer of this problem.

This type of math maze is a bit easier than a math crossword puzzle. Therefore, you can use this help at an earlier stage of learning.

When preparing this series of math activities for kids, I used large fields and a large font. They make it easier for younger children and dyslexics to practice multiplication. Wide paths in the maze are also easier to color.

Below I put two pdf files for printing. In the first one you will find only one page with a task for kids. In the second file, I put the problem first, and then its answers.

Multiplication maze with answers – Multiplication Facts to 100

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