Oak leaf – picture tracing worksheets

Thinking about the coming autumn and looking at the oaks covered with acorns, I decided to prepare a picture tracing worksheet for kids with an oak leaf to tracing lines.

I like warm seasons. Also autumn, for its amazing colors and unique atmosphere. That’s why I’m looking forward to the change of seasons and respite from the heat again.

Today’s fine motor skills exercise is quite simple, so it will be great for younger children. The drawing of the leaf is large, so despite the details, it is quite legible. As with other activities of this type, you can suggest that kids tracing lines with crayons or felt-tip pens, or trace lines with their fingers. After lamination, you can use the exercise many times on different occasions. You and your children can stop at drawing the contours and veins of an oak leaf, but you can also suggest children to color the leaf. According to their own idea, or by copying the colors of real leaves. In this way, you can create a whole gallery of colorful leaves, especially if you propose such fun to a group of children.

Tracing lines in pictures with an oak leaf

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