Mandala apple – tracing lines for kids in pictures

We love fresh fruit! And the best are those picked straight from the bush or tree. Firm and juicy. In the summer, raspberries, gooseberries, cherries and blueberries, and at the turn of summer and autumn – apples or pears.

What we like sometimes ends up on our worksheets. And as I wrote, we like apples! Doodling and sketching, I created a design of an apple covered with twisted patterns, like a mandala. I decided to use it as a printable coloring page, and as a graphomotor exercise for tracing lines for kids.

Fruit patterns can become an element of summer and autumn games. Exercises thanks to which children will develop their manual skills, preparing to learn to write.

An apple with a mandala, however, is such a universal design that it can also be used by slightly older people. Fine motor skills exercises can be useful for both teenagers and seniors. Practice makes perfect! Also in the face of illness or an accident that impair our already learned manual skills.

Mandala apple for tracing lines

Juicy seasonal apples appear in our orchards both in summer and autumn. So then it will be the easiest to weave the apple template into various types of educational activities, even those discussing our native fruit.

The exercise I propose here is to draw the contours of the apple itself as well as the patterns on the apple. Perhaps these are less obvious patterns, but here too you will find a lot of rounded shapes to tracing lines. After preparing the base, we can offer children to color the apple. This is a slightly more detailed drawing, so crayons or felt-tip pens are better than paints. But, as always, full freedom! Choose what suits you best.

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