Mandala apple – fruit coloring page for kids

Tasty and aromatic apples can be considered one of the best of our native fruits. Probably for this reason they have become an inspiration for my joyful creativity more than once.

This time I decided to prepare a coloring page for kids with an apple in the main role. And seeing the interesting pattern of an apple covered with ornaments, I decided to use the mandala as tracing lines for kids placed in the contours of the apple.

It’s a shame to spend so much work on this project on a single worksheet for kids. Both the mandala pattern on the apple and the apple itself will work great as coloring pages. And this regardless of age.

Below you will find the design of an apple covered with a mandala, and on the next page, also the apple design itself. Without ornaments decorating them. You can offer this pattern as a coloring page for kids, or use it yourself during a stress-relieving session of drawing and doodling. Just like me. Coloring can also calm people who are not passionate about painting. Although not everyone will like this way of muting.

Ideas for using an apple coloring page

Fruit patterns in the form of tracing lines for kids or coloring pages are really very versatile. Healthy eating, nature, native plants that are our food, changing seasons and even food chains. Our apple mandala coloring page can be useful when discussing any of these topics, and many more, depending on your imagination.

I wonder how you will use this tasty apple?

Easter coloring pages

I prepared this juicy apple in the form of a coloring page for kids in two color versions. Black outlines will work for beginners. On the other hand, the gray version can take on more expressive colors if you choose the colors of the contours accordingly.

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