Apple coloring page for kids

By publishing a graphomotor exercise, the main theme of which was an apple and the tracing patterns decorating them, I announced that a less demanding version of this tasty apple would also appear on the website as a coloring page for kids. And that’s what’s happening. Now you can use this simple, fruit template while playing with your children at home or in a group.

In the apple series you will find several suggestions. The previously mentioned tracing lines exercise, a coloring page with an apple covered with a decorative mandala pattern, and this simple version of the coloring page.

This simplest version can be used by younger children to prepare interesting art works. You can offer children coloring, painting, pasting with colored tissue paper or even plasticine. There are many possibilities. You can use art supplies or food products straight from the kitchen cabinets to play. Like colored rice.

Easter coloring pages

When preparing these fruit coloring pages, I decided to use two color versions. The first is traditional, with black outlines that stand out more clearly on the printout. For the second coloring page, I used gray lines. You can also use this coloring page as a graphomotor exercise for children. It also gives you more possibilities when creating colorful pictures, thanks to colored outlines.

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