Multiplication Facts to 100 – math crossword for kids [3]

I am posting here the third consecutive worksheet with multiplication up to 100 in the form of a math crossword with the simplest arrangement of operations. It can be successfully offered to children in class 2 and 3, and to all other willing.

In today’s math crossword you will find 43 mathematical operations to solve. In the basic version of the crossword puzzle, I put so many numbers that you can solve the crossword puzzle by performing step by step. There are no unnecessary extras here. In a slightly easier version, I added 3 numbers that make it easier to solve the math crossword, because chains of operations can be started in several additional places.

You can calculate both products and factors in operations. To solve all the operations, it is necessary to find several places with two numbers given. By solving these first operations, it is possible to solve the next ones.

I consider this math crossword to be one of the easiest series of exercises, which I marked here with the circle symbol. Here you will only find products with two factors. The multiplied numbers range from 1 to 10, and I placed the operations horizontally, with the equal sign on the right, and vertically, with the equal sign at the bottom.

When choosing a worksheet for a child, you can choose one of the 4 versions. We have two levels of difficulty here, and the ability to choose a PDF file with the task itself, or with the task and solution. You can use the version without a solution during remote learning. The version with the solution is intended for parents, guardians and teachers. You can give it to your kid after completing the task to check the results.

Math crossword with answers in two versions
– Multiplication Facts to 100

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