Addition and subtraction to 20 – math crossword for kids series 2 [1]

Below you will find a math crossword for kids, the purpose of which is to consolidate the ability to add and subtract up to 20. It contains 47 mathematical operations arranged horizontally or vertically.

This is a worksheet for kids in grade 1, or children who want or need similar activities.

All the operations in the math crossword puzzle are two-part. We are not using the order of operations yet, but only the addition and subtraction skills. The equals sign can be on both sides of equations.

This is the second math crossword puzzle for kids, prepared by my daughter. She chose the scope, the concept of the crossword puzzle, made a sketch and graphic image of the exercise.

Here are two copies of the addition and subtraction to 20 crossword puzzle. The first PDF contains an activity for kids to complete. No answer, so as not to be tempted to check the solution. In the second file you will find the exercise and its answers, which allows you to check the correctness of the activity.

Math crossword puzzle with answers
– Addition and subtraction to 20

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