Mixed math operations to 30 – math crossword for kids [1]

In today’s math crossword for kids you will find mixed math operations. Exactly 47 math operations. This means that you will find addition, subtraction, multiplication and division next to each other. However, not in one mathematical operation. All operations are within the range of 30.

The creator of this worksheet for kids is my daughter, who herself chose the math operations, the range of numbers used, and the layout of the crossword puzzle. She prepared everything in vector form.

Math operations included in this worksheet are two-part. There is no problem using the order of operations.

You can use this unusual worksheet while learning in class or with a group of students, you can offer it to your children as an interesting exercise to consolidate the ability to solve math operations. It can become a variation on traditional exercises with a list of activities to solve.

You can use two versions of this printable math worksheet here. The first PDF contains only a children’s exercise, no answers. This is a solution for children who are too eager to check the results before completing the exercise. In the second printable PDF file you will find questions and an answer key that allows you to quickly check the correctness of the task.

Math crossword puzzle with answer key – Mixed math operations to 30

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