Mystery picture, pixel art 10×10 – chick – decode the picture nr 1

Today’s coding exercise for younger kids features an adorable chick. This little one fit in the atmosphere of Easter just in time, but you can also use the worksheet when talking about farm animals.

I plan to use the Chick template also for other exercises related to the symmetry of the image. Here, however, this yellow chick is an element of graphic dictations for younger kids. Such a mystery picture in the form of a code. Large fields, 1.5 cm x 1.5 cm, on the code board with a chick facilitate the work of children who are just developing their fine motor skills.
This hidden image has been encoded with an orderly code, each pixel separately. In the next stage you will find tasks where the code is given in blocks and more chaotic.

Mystery picture – pixel art

Graphic dictation can be used in various ways:

  • coloring the picture according to the given code – children read the code on their own,
  • coloring the picture according to the given code by ear – someone is reading the code to the child,
  • pasting the image according to the given pattern,
  • redrawing the image from the original solution,
  • writing the code based on the printed pattern.

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