Leaves – coloring page for kids

Today’s theme in the coloring page was created some time ago. However, due to lack of time, this leafy mess was not published. Perhaps now I will be able to slowly publish the illustrations that are gathering dust in the binder.

Ideas for using the leafy coloring page

The coloring page for kids you see here is a simple leaf motif. Scattered leaves create a simple background that can be used as an element of other works. Depending on the selected color, you can choose different additions to the leaves. The coloring page in shades of lush green can be decorated with beautiful flowers, perfect for spring or summer fun. Leaves colored in shades of brown, orange, red and yellow are a theme closer to autumn. You can complement this leafy background with various fall gifts.

In this coloring page, individual leaves do not overlap, so you can successfully use them as leaf templates for cutting out. Each small or large artist can color the entire board of leaves and only then cut out the leaves, or each participant can only get a few leaves to color. Such simple elements can be used as a board decoration, elements for a leaf wreath, or even a lapbook decoration.

Coloring pages with leaves

There are many ideas for using colorful leaves. We could write and write, what such small colorful works of art could be used for. What ideas do you have for using such a coloring page for kids full of leaves?

I invite you to color.

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