Number 2 for tracing and coloring

Here I present another worksheet with a contour drawing of the number 2 for tracing and coloring. This is an exercise from a series intended for younger children, preschoolers, toddlers and elementary aged kids like kindergarteners who are just learning numbers.

The aim of the exercise is primarily to consolidate the shape of the number 2 by tracing its outline, which is the main element of the worksheet. Together with your children, you can choose crayons, markers and even paints to create a unique work of art. Thanks to large templates without small elements, this exercise is perfect for children who are just developing their precision.

By tracing, children’s manual skills are also exercised, which will be useful when learning to write numbers.

After drawing the outlines, you can invite kids to color the number 2, which will make its shape clearer and easier to remember.

For this series of tasks, you have blank templates of numbers for tracing. However, if you are looking for templates with patterns, choose other series of numbers for coloring.

The printable number 2 template provided here is a PDF file. You can download it or print it and use it while learning at home, school or kindergarten. I am posting the file for personal, non-commercial use.

Learning numbers by tracing outlines

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