Number 6 for tracing and coloring

Another number for kids prepared for tracing contours and coloring the template is the number 6.

Like the previous numbers, this exercise is intended primarily for younger children, both preschoolers and children at the early school stage like kindergarteners. The large size of the digit makes it easier for less skilled hands of younger children to draw. Older students, however, can demonstrate greater creativity and precision in performing the exercise.

The aim of this exercise is not to learn how to write numbers, but to learn their shape and remember it. You can try various art methods with your kids and pupils to achieve this. From the simplest ones, i.e. crayons or markers, to paints, colorful yarns, scraps of newspapers, or colored sand. You can use these unusual materials to trace the outlines of the number 6 and fill its interior.

I am posting here a PDF file of printable worksheet for children. This is a file for personal use that you can use at home, kindergartens or schools, playing with your children and students in the world of mathematics.

Learning numbers by tracing outlines

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