Number 7 for tracing and coloring

In this exercise, I offer you the outline number 7 as a template for tracing and coloring. A simple, large number, this time without patterns or embellishments.

Our number seven is a graphomotor exercise, but its main purpose is to getting to know children with the shape of the number 7. A template without patterns allows for greater individuality in creating a colorful image of this number.

The exercise can be divided into two stages. First, kids trace the outlines of the number 7, thus creating their own coloring template. They then fill the image with color, creating a more vivid image of the number seven. Depending on the children’s preferences or willingness to try something new, you can try filling it with an unusual material, e.g. sand or colorful puffed rice. Among more standard ideas, colorful tissue paper will work interestingly. Of course, nothing stops children from using crayons or markers to learn the number 7.

I have prepared and provided the PDF file posted here for personal use. This is a printable worksheet for kids.

Learning numbers by tracing outlines

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