Number 3 for tracing and coloring

Another template for learning numbers by tracing and coloring is the number 3 template. It was created in a series of exercises intended for younger children. Primarily preschoolers and children at the early school stage.

The aim of this exercise is, first of all, to consolidate the shape of the number 3. However, by tracing the outlines of the template, kids practice their fine motor skills, preparing their hands for learning to write.

You can offer children crayons, markers or even paints to draw the outline of the number 3. When choosing the scheme for this series of worksheets, I deliberately used a large template of numbers to make the exercise possible for a larger group of kids.

After the first stage of the exercise, children can move on to coloring the number or gluing it.

The printable number 3 provided here is intended for non-commercial use, for all parents and teachers who would like to diversify learning for their kids and students.

Learning numbers by tracing outlines

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