Cobweb – tracing lines and coloring

The little spider was walking here and there. He looked under the roof, looked behind the gutter, walked along the windowsill. He finally found a suitable place to spread his new cobweb. A new fishing spot was created in a small frame hanging in the garden.

Now you can help the little spider strengthen this cobweb. Correct all the threads by tracing each of lines. You can color the fields between the spider threads to create a colorful picture. The icing on the cake will be a small spider, which you can make from colored paper or a pompom and yarn.

This spider web is another graphomotor exercise that you can use with your children when preparing to learn to write. As part of a science-related activity or around Halloween if you celebrate it.

Tracing lines and coloring page with a cobweb

We invite you to trace a spider’s web for a little spider.

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