Winter hat – tracing lines for kids in pictures

February is coming to an end, but there are still colder days when a winter hat is an indispensable element of an outfit. At least for children.

Referring to the earlier mittens with tracing lines in the pictures, I have prepared another winter drawing for kids to trace along the lines – a winter hat with a pompom. You can use the exercise during one class with other winter tracing lines. The theme can be both the changing seasons and their annual cycle, or the appropriate clothing in the winter months.

Our winter hat already has full contours, so the children’s task is to trace the lines inside the hat and the pompom. The tracing lines in the pictures will not always be in ruling. Here, too, I preferred to adapt to the shape of the cap. Nevertheless, these patterns have the same loops and waves as traditional tracing lines for kids.

The next part of the exercise is to color the hat. The shapes of the lines are quite detailed, so it is better to use easier art supplies, i.e. crayons or markers. Alternatively, you can mix media. For example, paint the hat with paints, and add a delicate pattern in the loops with crayons.

The last part of the task, which you will not find in the description on the worksheet, is cutting the hat. The pompom has some more difficult indentations, but children may be a bit less accurate here.

Winter hat for tracing

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