Butterfly – picture tracing worksheets

Colorful butterflies over a sea of fragrant flowers are a beautiful sight.

Unfortunately, there are not many of them in our area. Many green areas in the city are still mowed too often, and the crops from the surrounding fields are protected with various types of insecticides and herbicides. This has a huge impact on the surrounding nature. To find a flowery meadow we have to look for it.

The next worksheet with tracing lines is addressed rather to kids for whom the butterfly motif is the apple of their eye.

The worksheet contains several elements, in the center of which there is a shapely butterfly to be reproduced. However, tracing lines does not end there. A short pattern, also with a butterfly motif, will help further develop the child’s abilities. However, a coloring page in the form of flowers will additionally make the task more attractive for the child, so that it does not become too monotonous.

Butterfly for tracing lines

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