Flowers – picture tracing worksheets

Here is another edition of graphomotor exercises for kids. In a slightly warmer and more fragrant edition. Two simple flowers that may appeal to girls more. At the bottom of the page I placed a small floral pattern as an introduction to future tracing lines in ruling. Soon, children will struggle with them a little more often.

I am sharing this worksheet in two versions. The first one is drawn with dotted lines. Slightly more difficult to redraw. The second version is drawn with a gray thicker solid line. Easier to track and trace.

Scrap paper collage art for kids - torn flowers, printable worksheets
Scrap paper collage art for kids

After drawing the contours of the flowers, you can use the tracing lines worksheet as a coloring page or a scrapbook. Here you can see an example of a coloring page filled with torn pieces of colored paper.

I strongly recommend double or even triple use of most worksheets for tracing. Because the decorated drawings can still be cut out from the worksheet, another way to practice fine motor skills.

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