Tracing lines for younger kids 3

The topic of Valentine’s Day comes back every year like a boomerang. No wonder it was the same this time. Even if we ourselves do not like this commercial holiday, the symbol of heart is so widespread in the reality that surrounds us that it do not escape the attention of children. They can be used to express feelings not only on Valentine’s Day, but also without a special occasion.

Being on the wave, I decided to use the heart symbol to prepare a worksheet for kids with tracing lines. Such a simple and fun game that preschoolers can handle. First, we practice drawing halves of hearts, and then hearts in different arrangements.

The heart shape can be considered a letter-like shape. It can bring to mind the letters C and S, and the numbers 2, 3 and even 8. Therefore, slightly more than other picture patterns, this particular pattern for kids can be useful at the stage of preparing to learn to write.

Printable tracing lines worksheet with hearts

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