Symmetrical shapes – flowers – easy symmetrical drawing

Symmetrical drawing is another exercise whose task is to develop perceptiveness, concentration, and eye-hand coordination. We can draw simple geometric figures or easy drawings that resemble something real in their shape.

This is how drawings of simple geometric flowers, containing single line of symmetry, appeared on our worksheets. Horizontal or vertical. In the PDF file you will find two versions of this flower worksheet for kids, and a page with the solution to the task. In both versions, however, you will find frames for symmetrical drawing on the right side of the axis of symmetry, on the left, top and bottom. This makes the exercise more complete.

Symmetry for kids – Draw the other half of the symmetrical shapes

Working with symmetrical drawing can be facilitated by a small mirror that can be applied to the symmetry axis of the drawing. By properly setting them, you and your child can see the final effect of the work.

If you have a problem with printing in color, you can use the black and white version of the PDF file, or rather in shades of gray.

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