Math crossword – multiplication and division to 100 [1]

The first math crossword with multiplication and division to 100 is at your disposal today. It contains 48 simple, two-part mathematical operations. There is no need to focus on the order of operations, making this worksheet for kids great for learning multiplication and division. However, it includes operations beyond the basic multiplication table with numbers from 1 to 9.

All math operations have been placed vertically or horizontally. The equal sign can be on the right or left side of the operation.

Due to the selected layout and the range of mathematical operations, we classify this math crossword into the second difficulty class, which is marked with the triangle symbol.

The math crossword posted here is exceptionally not my work. It was made entirely by my daughter. From a sketch on a piece of paper, through graphic drawing, inserting numbers, and preparing a PDF file with the task and solution 😉

You have two PDF files at your disposal. The first contains only a worksheet for kids. The second file contains the exercise and the answers to the exercise.

Math crossword with answers
– Multiplication and Division Facts to 100

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