Symmetrical shapes – empty worksheet for easy symmetrical drawing v.2

Symmetrical drawings still give us some problems. However, knowing how well the blank sheets worked well for us working with children, I am publishing the second version of the worksheet for drawing your own symmetrical pictures.

This arrangement of fields worked better when designing simple symmetrical drawings, such as flowers or cute creatures. Of course, you can find those projects on our website, but here I suggest you have fun creating your own compositions.

You can prepare drawings for kids according to your own ideas, but I suspect that many children will be happy to play graphic designer themselves.

Design your own easy symmetrical drawing.

You can use any number of axes of symmetry to design your own drawings consisting of symmetrical shapes. Although for small children it is best to stop at a maximum of two axes. They can be horizontal, vertical or diagonal. It all depends on the skills of your kids.

A nice addition to such works is the use of color in the drawings. Especially if shapes can be associated with something, as was the case with flowers and cute monsters.

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