Symmetrical drawing is another exercise whose task is to develop perceptiveness, concentration, and eye-hand coordination.

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Symmetrical shapes

Symmetrical shapes (in the case of children in grades 1-3, we are talking mainly about axisymmetric figures) are objects that are mirror images of each other, or have an axis of symmetry within them.

This may not be an exact mathematical definition of this term, but it is quite sufficient for the needs of kids just entering the world of geometry.

Axis of symmetry

The axis of symmetry of a figure is a straight line about which the figure is axially symmetrical to itself.

For kids learning about geometry, this means that the two halves created by dividing the figure by the axis of symmetry are like mirror images of each other.

After applying the mirror to the axis of symmetry, the child can see the second part of the figure.

Mysterious pictures with an axis of symmetry

In our resources you will also find mystery pictures with the axis of symmetry. The image in such a task was only half coded. The second part of the mystery picture is completed by kids by mirroring the decoded part.

Thanks to the use of colors, it's quite nice to work on such drawings. At least that's what our kids say ;)

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