Mystery picture, pixel art 10×10 – Christmas tree – decode the picture nr 5

The Christmas theme continues to run through our minds. No wonder, since Christmas is approaching every day. Today I am giving you a mystery picture for preschoolers, with larger grids than before. The leitmotif is of course the Christmas tree, which I hid with an orderly code.

The grids in today’s dictation are 1.5 x 1.5 cm in size, making them easier to color for less experienced hands of preschoolers. Another idea is to cover the card with colored paper. Green fields can be cut out in the form of squares, and yellow and orange can be even circles.

In the pdf file you will find a blank card to fill in for children, and a card with a colored solution that can be used to cut out squares.

Mystery picture – pixel art

Graphic dictation can be used in various ways:

  • coloring the picture according to the given code – children read the code on their own,
  • coloring the picture according to the given code by ear – someone is reading the code to the child,
  • pasting the image according to the given pattern,
  • redrawing the image from the original solution,
  • writing the code based on the printed pattern.

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