Addition to 20 – math crossword for kids [2]

Math problems are fun. Both solving them and preparing them. Here you will find another math crossword, thanks to which kids will be able to practice adding up to 20.

This time the crossword in the basic version is built of 55 mathematical operations. They are all arranged horizontally, from left to right, or vertically, from top to bottom. This is one of the simplest layouts. To complete the entire crossword puzzle, kids have to perform math operations one by one. Each found answer allows them to perform the next addition. I put only enough numbers in the crossword to make it possible to solve all the equations.

In a slightly easier version, I added 4 additional numbers to the crossword, which means that children have 51 mathematical operations to solve. This little addition makes sequential actions a bit easier by reducing the number of them in each sequence, chain of actions.

I am giving you 4 files containing this crossword puzzle. Two with the original version, and two with the slightly easier version. The first printable pdf file contains only the math crossword for kids with addition to 20. This file can be given to students during remote learning. The second contains the task and the solution to the task.

Math crossword in two versions – adding to 20

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