Mystery picture, pixel art – winter snowman – decode the picture

Winter, winter, winter, and it doesn’t snow here ;( …. But we have a pixelated snowman 馃槈 Such a nice snowman in a scarf and hat, with a nose made of carrots and hands made of twigs.

The picture has been hidden as a mystery picture described in ordered code, which means that I classify it as level two. I specially arranged the order of the coded colors in such a way as to keep the child in suspense for as long as possible.

You will need a printer to complete this activity. However, you can also draw such a simple coding board for your kid on a piece of paper yourself. The most convenient way is to use a squared piece of paper. I recommend crayons or markers for coloring. Although a pixel drawn incorrectly with a crayon can still be erased. However, one drawn with a felt-tip pen usually needs to be glued over.

Winter mystery picture – pixel art

Graphic dictation can be used in various ways:

  • coloring the picture according to the given code – children read the code on their own,
  • coloring the picture according to the given code by ear – someone is reading the code to the child,
  • pasting the image according to the given pattern,
  • redrawing the image from the original solution,
  • writing the code based on the printed pattern.

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