Honeycomb maze – help the bee get to the flowers [2]

A little bee would like to go to a nearby meadow to collect delicious nectar. On the way, however, it faces a winding path through a maze. Can you help the bee complete its task?

Collecting nectar is its job and at the same time her passion, so it would like to reach the meadow without wandering too far between blind paths.

This is the second edition of the little bee maze, so you can use this task with a larger group of children, making it a bit more difficult for them to look for a solution from a friend. Although in fact, among younger children who are curious about the world, we rarely encounter such tricks.

You can treat playing with mazes as a kind of graphomotor exercise, like tracing lines. Requiring not only perceptiveness, but also drawing a path within the limits set by the maze. They can develop fine motor skills in an interesting way, preparing for later learning to write.

Mazes for kids

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