Easter egg with flowers – coloring page for kids

Are you looking for a simpler coloring page with an Easter egg theme? This is what I am publishing today. A large Easter egg template filled with simple, almost symbolic patterns of flowers and leaves. In such a somewhat charming atmosphere.

Thick lines facilitate the work of younger children, as well as the older ones, who require additional support while learning to write.

Easter coloring pages

In the coloring page I used vertical axis of symmetry . Although it is not drawn, it is present. The right side of the coloring page is identical to the left side. This element can be used as part of a task for a child. In this case, the coloring book should be colored in such a way that both parts are mirror images of each other.

This Easter coloring book is available in two forms. Traditional, with black lines and gray lines. The latter form can be used to exercise graphomotorics in children by tracing lines.

More advanced young artists can give their art an interesting touch by selecting the color of the contours to the color of the filling.

Have fun!

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