Tracing lines for preschoolers 2

Once again, I prepared a graphomotor exercise for children. This time you can download and print large tracing lines worksheet for kids preparing for learning to write. Some swirls and bends that will help in writing shapely letters.

The drawn patterns are large, and the clear lines make it easier for younger children to trace the lines. You can use them as tracing lines for preschoolers and first graders.

By practicing tracing lines, children learn to control their hand and pen. They work on developing the muscles of the hand and arm, and their control, making smooth movements, thanks to which handwriting will not be too tiring.

Large tracing lines worksheets

Remember, however, that it is very important to praise your child for the effort put into the practice in the early stages of writing practice. After all, children are just starting to work on their graphomotor skills. And many adults would have a problem with the beautiful trace of the pen. Focus on the next steps, not the gaps. Learning to write is challenging for most children.

If your child does not like ordinary patterns, you can suggest him to draw pictures by tracing lines. They also do their job perfectly.

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